You will find here a list of the best sites to buy HQ research chemicals products.

#1 The first of our ranking is of course Rechemco

With several thousands of customers every year for 2 years now, this shop has placed itself at the top of the sellers of research chemicals

The support is the first strong point of this seller. Whatever your problem, you will receive an answer very quickly. If your product is not the right one or if you do not receive it, their support will still be there to help you.

The delivery time is often quite long, but in the end it is worth the wait

The products are always well packed, no worries all is very discreet (no way to detect the contents of the package from the outside). As for the quality you just need to read our different reviews and you will see that HighStore has nothing to envy to very large laboratories: quality has always been there.

#2 An unexpected challenger : Gr8ResearchChemicals

This site did not waste time to make a beautiful site and preferred to develop a wide range of products (especially canabinoids)

Products less pure than Chemical Story but sometimes really differents, we will especially note the originality of some products (unique !)

The support takes much longer than Chemical Story but it's finally not so bad : they fix efficently your problem during the next 48h.

The delivery time is rather correct but the packaging is not very resistant (especially for orders of small quantity). To conclude if you are looking for products more original than 100% pure this site will convince you

#3 Never disappointed with : SmokeysChemSite

A site more "flash" and evocative colors: with SmokeysChemSite no doubts about the products sold!

The products created only by this seller are rather rare but we enjoyed finding products known to everyone like "Synthacaine", the resale of brands of this type is always a guarantee of quality as the product is always up to its reputation .

The delivery time of research chemicals is pretty good without being very fast. Discretion has never been a problem with this seller.

The quality of the products created by their laboratory is not very good, but we always receive more than requested to compensate.

#4 A Benzo specialized seller : ChemicalPowderShop

A site not very welcoming but Benzodiazepines of very good quality !

We were not convinced by the quality of the products except for the Benzodiazepines which are of better quality than many other sellers. Cannabinoids had surprising side effects (see Trip report)

Delivery is really fast, 1 week in general, live support is very useful and we get answers easily to all our questions.

To conclude this site is good to order large amounts of Benzodiazepines in a few days, we not advise you to buy the other products at the moment.

Our test specialists are all graduated from the

Department of Chemistry at the University of Aalto