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Trip reports

The effects of these products on human can be impressive, here are reports of people having consumed them.

Here are their story.

Age: 23 years old
Weight: 54kg
Time of day: noon
Quantity: up to 80mg
Reduction: yes
ROA: Nasale
Set & Setting: a little hour after waking up, still gone, knowing I would have nothing to do for the hours to come, all alone in my room to read.

Report :

T +0: 20mg sniffed. Crystalline powder. It pokes the nose a little like the 4-man.
T +15: I definitely feel something light enough. I know I have time: + 20mg insufflated. Clear clarity of mind
T +30: filled with an obvious body calm. Reduction of my breath, until sometimes surprise me to stop it for several seconds.
T +40: slight tip to the chest that leaves almost immediately. Clarity of mind is amplified. Runny nose.
When I get up from my bed, slight "amphetamine intoxication". The product strongly reminds me of 3-FA.

T + 1H: I feel my heart beating against my chest. I have for a moment hesitated to assimilate drunkenness and the appearance of this phenomenon as the beginning of the descent, but the intoxication quickly passed, although the clarity of mind has slightly diminished.
T + 1H10: slight neck contractions. The impression that something is going away, but always as clear-minded. I light a shit stick.
T + 1h25: end of the stick, which did not make any effect before the last taffes and again, I feel a light broken but the clarity of mind prevents it from settling more. 5 minutes earlier, I had some quick black peripheral tremors, which did not last more than 5/10 seconds.
T + 1H40: first yawn.
T + 1H55: again the impression of a thing less, but still as awakened. Slight headache.

After that, I stopped taking notes but I redosed 40mg in nasal to T + 2H10. Concentration and increased clarity of mind.
At T + 2H40, great tremors of vision, three times in a row. First, I thought it was the light that shook, but not. Nothing to report afterwards however.


Stimulation quite clean and discreet, which greatly made me think of 3-FA in oral, with however more side effects light, not disturbing but which I must in my opinion be wary.
Little euphoria, but a good bodily tranquility and a much more focus mental focus. I can not really say how long the total effect lasts, since the descent was not really felt afterwards, the stimulation then mixing normally with my usual state of awakening. A slight headache to report, but passed quickly. No physical pain to notice downhill. I had more unwanted side effects when climbing / plateau than during the descent I would say.
I think that the climb starts in 5 minutes and lasts about thirty (but is discreet), and that the bulk of the effects lasts 2h. But the stimulation does not immediately start thereafter. Thus, difficult to give a total duration for this first test.


Molecule more functional than recreational. Remember the 3-FA strongly. The slight adverse effects during the climb suggest to me that it is better to dose little by little that a big dose of a blow. But suddenly we are likely to increase the potentiality of an unpleasant descent (assumptions)

It is for me the most powerful synthetic cannabinoid that I tried on the other hand it is rather treacherous the first joint I advise you to weigh 1mg with the precise balance advise by the site (for 1mg it is not super precise but Its saves you already to make the shit of the "ladle"!)
I remembered my 1st joint about 1mg I was "burst" after 2/3 good bar, a small tachycardia which decided to put the joint, the tachycardius leaves after 20min you sit / elongated for a good hour and a half Then suddenly the effect disappears in the same way as it appeared.
At the end of a week (not RDR at all) you end up even more weigh a meter a big knife point, more tachycardia, a stroke that happens almost instantaneously, for a good half hour effect or you can stand / Walk and talk without trouble just blurred head.

It is quite traitor because at the beginning it is rather long and powerful and it quickly becomes short and light but the trapping is "nice" so if you have nothing to do you find yourself fast enough to make you 2 joint of 10mg per hour! On the other hand I did not note of dependency, I had to order 500mg which are finally falling fast enough and I did not feel the need to redeem it contrary to the AM2233 (which is a soft one) but when you The more you really have to convince you not to re-order!

After the AM2201 should not play the con, the tolerance comes very quickly but re-fall also very quickly, I had to re-order a few months after finishing my pocket I dosed my 1st joint to 10 Mg as before I will not have! Big tachycardia during the whole trip I did not have time to go on my bed I lay like a shit out of the earth, no way to get up for a good hour I had hot, heart has bottom, head burst No way to think or do anything! After a good hour you begin to find your mind and after an hour and a half as cool as if you had taken nothing.

So if you do not smoke for a good month back to the dose test a 1-2mg! If not you will make you re-set up like his not allowed!

After in fact secondary one can boring the am2201 it is a good thing to become big your super hunger after each joint you eat everything and anything in large quantity 1kg of paw (I do not eat of the mass of habit for me Its huge bah after some join of am2201 its pass super good!)

Age: 19 years old
Weight: 47 kl
Size: 1m70
Dose: 65 mg para
Places and context: At home in the early afternoon with a friend.
Duration of the experiment: 5 hours

After a hearty meal, with F we decide to spend a small afternoon experimental with the 5-apb.
We swallow the first para of this brown powder.
I read several times that it takes a long time to ascend, so I think that seen the huge plate of raviole I have in the bide, I have for a moment ...
It makes a splendid sun, sipping a few beers on the terrace with music.

3:30 pm

I begin to feel my heart accelerating more and more, the sounds seem different to me, as if they resonated, I feel more and more in phase with music, it's the same for my friend.
He asks me what it is if we take it by the nose: I propose to him to experiment with a very small point.
Result: A mega cough for 15 minutes! Do not ever do it again.

4:30 pm

Pleasant little thrills take us through the body.
Then it's panic: no more beers.
We go down and buy some.
It is here that we really begin to feel the effects. A slight nausea takes me stomach, one stops speaking, I feel like a rise of MD, F tells anything and can no longer articulate, feels light, one frolics.
We go in search of gandalf the white, and question the children at the end of the school ... which decidedly did not cross: cry:.
Once I arrived in the supermarket, I moved and felt oppressed.
We go home gently.

5 pm

I have the impression of having a real orgasm while listening to music, it is an ecstasy (especially this one:
I'm a little nostalgic, but at the same time a whore of happiness takes me to the guts, much stronger than the MD.
It makes me a bit freak out at first, but then I can relax.
One dances in my room, one stops moving, F has the jaw that squeaks.
Then comes the emotion sequence or we say nice things! aha

The effects will last like that until 19H and then gently go down until 20h.

We had a lot of trouble sleeping, and the next day it was quite difficult physically, but less mental than the MD shows.

Conclusion: It was really nice, but it's a shame that the "peak of well-being" does not last a little longer, it still remains an interesting alternative to the md!
Even if we had a little time when we moved well, I was still pretty soft most of the time.

Little info for the boys: F told me that he did not get an erection with the 5 APB, while he arrives with the md, so bad plan for the guys who are in good company especially That gives a furious envy !!!